I was first introduced to “The Power of Touch” through a friend who knew I suffered from migraine headaches and a stiff neck. She believed I would benefit from therapeutic massage. I was apprehensive; I never had a massage and did not know what to expect. Simone’s manner was very professional, yet caring and put my mind at ease right away. After assessing my particular physical needs, she put me on a specific massage regimen. She educated me about the process of massage — how it helps your body heal and maintain health. After repeated sessions, I now have increased range of motion and my migraines have decreased. Through Simone and “The Power of Touch” I have a better quality of life.

— Tina, Age 40


Simone is an excellent therapist. I attended sessions with her on a regular basis while she lived in Maryland. Her office was always clean and the atmosphere was always relaxing. Simone is very caring and she takes a holistic approach with her patients. She focuses on the patient’s mental, social and physical state as well as their ailments. Simone provided exercises to do at home until the next visit. She focused on trouble spots and is very knowledgeable of the human body. Simone was able to pinpoint what was going on with my body and was able to explain it to me as well. My body was always in a better state once the sessions were completed. She has very good communication skills as well as very good customer service. Simone really cares for the patient’s wellbeing. Simone is a great asset to any organization.  — Tracy, Technical Specialist, Age 38


Simone visited my barber shop and asked to post one of her flyer's. I agreed, but shrugged it off. One year later, I started experiencing pain between my shoulder blades. When I went to see Simone, I filled out a complete medical history. After she scanned the document, questions came up about a condition I have called peripheral vascular disease. Simone would not treat me until she got permission from my doctor. At first, I was upset, but later I was impressed by Simone’s professionalism and candid personality. She told me the possible complications that could arise from massage without clearance from my doctor. I did what I was advised to do; and I stayed with her for the next few years every three weeks without fail. The profession of massage therapy is better because Simone is in it!

— Sylvester, Barber


Therapy with Simone has been a tremendous blessing. Some time back, I was in an accident with a semi tractor-trailer. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in the right brachial plexus. I was in terrible pain; I had difficulty moving my arm. My wife suggested I try massage. I thought massage was only for spa-type relaxation, not for helping me get better. When I first met Simone, her personality was so warm, but professional; that compassion made me want to actually see what massage therapy could do. It was like I was the only client she had. She explained things to me in “plain English,” telling me why she was doing what she was doing. After the first session I felt so much relief from the pain that plagued me for weeks. Over the course of two months, I regained full range of motion and now I am a firm believer in massage.

— Johnie W., Truck Driver


I take kickboxing, aerobic and exotic dance for fitness and ballroom dancing. I sought massage because of an injury sustained during a workout — a very deep knot in my right shoulder and upper arm. After my initial sessions with Simone, I was in far less pain, and I had marked improvement in my mobility. I continued with treatments for the additional benefits: sleeping more soundly; learned relaxation techniques; greater awareness of my body; and release of toxins.  — Tisha, Age 45


I came to Simone upon referral from my Orthopedic Surgeon. … who said to find a therapist that specialized in low back injuries. I had surgery for a bulging disc in the lumbar area. After I was cleared for normal activity, I searched for a qualified therapist … I found Simone through the “American Massage Therapy Association” Web site. Surprisingly tiny, Simone packs a punch and a wealth of knowledge. I enjoyed coming to her office because of her personality and her professionalism. She had me do some exercises to test my flexibility, and that started my massage therapy journey. She put together a vigorous plan of action with stretches and exercises, and what she called passive and active sessions. If anyone is considering a good adjunct to health care, I would strongly suggest securing the services of Simone. It really only took one encounter and my eyes were opened to alternative health care.

— J.W., Telecommunications Specialist





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