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On Site Chair Massage

Health and Wellness education (lunch and learns)

Basically if you have employees, the P Touch Therapeutic Massage is what you NEED!



90% of diseases are a direct result of prolonged exposure to stress according to the centers for disease control (CDC)

5 minutes of massage therapy is equal to two hours of complete rest according to a study by Kellogg’s Art of Massage

Blood pressure and stress are greatly reduced as a result of a 15 minute on site chair massage.  According to a study conducted at Bowling Green State University



  • Increase employee retention; who wants to part ways with a company that has this perk?
  • Improve Productivity: employees who are pain free will work for you harder, and longer and at a more focused level
  • Enhance the office environment: Companies are more well- regarded, and as a result you gain a sense of loyalty from your employees (they are going to do their job, be present and effective. Interpersonal relationships become more cohesive (less bickering and back-biting) because they feel good
  • Lessen absenteeism: Massage may help with boosting the immune system, and besides no one misses massage day.
  • Attract quality candidates: advertise your P Touch massage therapy program while interviewing prospective employees


Positioning/ Experience by partnering with the P Touch Therapeutic Massage


The P Touch Therapeutic Massage brings expertise, and an educated touch.   We equip you with a working knowledge of your anatomy and how it functions


From the instant we lay eyes on a client, we are analyzing.  Your facial expressions, your gait.


We are palpating or touching, not just with the hands, but with integrity and character to get to the Core what could be happening within your anatomy


When you encounter the P Touch Therapeutic Massage you are getting what we call the 5 P’s (pun intended)


1. Progressive always on the cutting edge of the latest therapies

2. Personal (detailed care plan , designed specifically for you)

3. POWER: we are the power to help heal, we are the POWER of you

4. Professional : we foster a secure and confidential environment observing HIPPA laws

5. Preventive: we are the intercessory piece to get to your employees BEFORE the point of pain, BEFORE the point of stress.


Dollar for dollar you are getting an exponential return on your investment


We come to YOU!  Not the other way around.  CONVENIENCE


We work strictly around your employees break schedule


Give us 15 minutes and your LIFE will be forever be changed.  We are literally Touching Lives, with one Touch!


You can partner with us through

1. Speaking engagements (lunch and learns)

2.  Company sponsored 15 minute on site chair massage (do these in blocks pre-payed)

3. Employee funded massage therapy (employee pays for themselves)

4.  Health fairs, corporate events, and conferences


Companies that we have partnered with

1. Curves International

2. Dole Food Corporation Springfield Ohio Division

3. United Senior Services

4. Baltimore County Public Schools

5. Lady of America Fitness Clubs

6. Good Samaritan Hospital Systems Baltimore Maryland





The P Touch Therapeutic  Massage

7585 Wrenview Drive

Springfield, Ohio 45502